OMP ST:74667 ! Virtual reference strain for Nichols RJ (2011) Cell 144, 143-156.

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Strain Summary

Strain Name

Virtual reference strain for Nichols RJ (2011) Cell 144, 143-156.

Taxon Information
  • Pangenome: Escherichia coli
  • Subspecies and/or strain: K-12
  • NCBI Taxonomy ID: 83333

DE(araD-araB)567 DE(rhaD-rhaB)568 F- Lambda- hsdR514 lacZ4787(del)::rrnB-3 rph-1

Strain Reference


Strain availability
Annotated phenotypes


OMP_ST:74667 was created to use as the reference (or control) strain for the high-throughput phenotype studies of Nichols RJ et al. (2011) Cell 144:143-156. In this study, fitness in the various growth conditions was determined based on the sizes of spot colonies. Colony sizes were normalized in two steps. First, colony sizes on each individual plate were normalized to correct for systematic differences. Second, the colony sizes for each strain were normalized based on the median colony size of that strain in all 324 conditions.

Of the 4,602 strains that were screened, 4,502 strains were derivatives of E. coli K-12 BW25113; the remaining 100 strains were derivative of E. coli K-12 MG1655. For this reason, we have used the genotype of BW25113 as the genotype for the virtual reference strain.

The collection of mutants that was screened included 4334 deletions of non-essential genes (the Keio Collection ([1]), 148 SPA-tagged derivatives of essential genes ([2] [3]), 9 point-mutant alleles of essential genes (as well as the corresponding control strains that carried the same antibioticR marker linked to the wild-type allele), 2 truncations of essential genes, and 100 deletions of small RNAs and small proteins ([2]). See the original paper for additional details about the strains used in the screen.

Phenotype Annotation

Annotation ID Qualifier OMP ID OMP term name Relative phenotype information Experimental condition ECO ID ECO term name Reference Annotation Extension Notes



resistant to a chemical

Relative to:

Genotype differences:

Nothing to compare

Condition differences:

Nothing to compare

  • temperature:37C
  • medium:LB agar
  • medium:SDS

high throughput direct assay evidence used in manual assertion


towards some (CHEBI:8984) SDS

concentrations of SDS used were (0.5, 1, 2, 3, or 4%)

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