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Registered users can customize OMP by changing their preferences.

User profile

You can edit your real name, and this section provides a link to allow the user to change their password or email. Other email options, such as the choice to receive emails when specific changes are made to wiki pages


You can customize the appearance of the wiki by choosing a different skin. Monobook is the default skin. If you know of a mediawiki skin that you would like us to make available, please contact us and we'll see what we can do. This tab also allows for image size to be specified, as well as some advanced appearance options.

Date and time

Change your time zone and date formatting options.


Alter the default editing window size, how editing is initiated, preview options and external editor capabilities. Please note, not all of these options have been extensively tested in our wiki, so please let us know if you experience any difficulties when using these settings.

Recent changes

This tab changes the default number of days and edits shown in the Recent Changes section, as well as how the changes can be displayed. You can also opt to hide minor or patrolled edits.


Vary the number of days and the changes that are displayed in the Watchlist. Also, you can choose to hide certain edits or automatically add pages you modify to your Watchlist. See more on the Watchlist Help page.


Define the number of hits displayed. Importantly, you can also change which namespaces are searched by default.


Options involving diffs.