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Browse and analyze data from Campos et al., (Molecular Systems Biology 2018)[1]

This dataset includes measurements of 26 phenotypic features for 4,227 single-gene deletion mutants of E. coli strain BW25113. These mutants were obtained from the Keio collection. Each mutant strain was characterized for 19 morphological and 2 growth features, while 3,949 of them were also characterized for 5 features related to late cell cycle steps.

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Cell constriction and nucleoid separation scores

Correlations/Similarities among strains


The experiments and analyses were done with the E. coli strains of the Keio single-gene-deletion library (Babu et al., 2009).

Normalized data

Scores are obtained from raw data after temporal and spatial bias corrections. They can be seen as direct measurements of each phenotype feature.


The scores are transformed by IQR of a standard normal distribution. |scores|>=3 were selected as significant phenotypes.


The correlation between two strains is the Pearson correlation coefficient of the two strains' scores across all conditions.


  1. Campos, M et al. (2018) Genomewide phenotypic analysis of growth, cell morphogenesis, and cell cycle events in . Mol. Syst. Biol. 14 e7573 PubMed OMPwiki page


 ScoreNormalizedCV ScoreCV Normalized
Cell Length
Cell Width
Cell Area
Cell Volume
Cell surface area
Cell perimeter
Surface area-to-volume ratio
Aspect ratio

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