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id: OMP:0007194

name: biological process phenotype
def: "A microbial phenotype that affects a biological process." [FYPO:0000300, OMP:DAS]
subset: qc_do_not_manually_annotate
xref: FYPO:0000300 "biological process phenotype"
xref: GO:0008150 "biological_process"
is_a: OMP:0000000 ! microbial phenotype
relationship: inheres_in: GO:0008150 ! biological_process
intersection_of: OMP:0000000 ! microbial phenotype
intersection_of: inheres_in GO:0008150 ! biological_process
comment: This is a high-level term whose primary purpose is to organize terms beneath it in the ontology, and we expect that it will not be used for direct annotations. Please consider using a more specific term to annotate each phenotype.


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