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id: OMP:0000221

name: enzymatic activity phenotype
def: "A microbial phenotype that affects an enzymatic activity. Enzymes are biological molecules that catalyze biochemical reactions at physiological temperatures. Enzymes possess specific binding sites for their substrates (reactants) and are usually composed wholly or largely of protein or RNA. Catalytic RNAs are also called ribozymes." [ISBN:0198506732, OMP:JCH]
subset: qc_do_not_manually_annotate
synonym: "catalytic activity" RELATED []
xref: FYPO:0000654 "catalytic activity phenotype"
xref: GO:0003824 "catalytic activity"
is_a: OMP:0000000 ! microbial phenotype
comment: This is a high-level term whose primary purpose is to organize terms beneath it in the ontology, and we expect that it will not be used for direct annotations. Please consider using a more specific term to annotate each phenotype.


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