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id: ECO:0000340

name: plasmid maintenance assay evidence
def: "A type of experimental evidence in which retention of an introduced plasmid is determined when a mitotically stable plasmid (or minichromosome) is introduced into cells, which are grown without selection for several generations." [] {comment="ECO:MCC", comment="PMID:6323245"}
synonym: "minichromosome maintenance assay evidence" EXACT [PMID:6323245]
is_a: ECO:0000006 ! experimental evidence
is_a: IAO:0000030 ! information content entity
relationship: IAO:0000136: GO:0006276 ! is about plasmid maintenance
relationship: OBI:0000312: OBI:0000964 ! is_specified_output_of in live cell assay
comment: Loss per generation is determined by comparing colony numbers on selective and non-selective media.


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