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id: ECO:0000212

name: combinatorial evidence
def: "A type of evidence in which at least two distinct types of evidence have been integrated." [ECO:MCC, ECO:RCT]
alt_id: ECO:0000036
alt_id: ECO:0000043
synonym: "inferred from in-silico analysis" RELATED []
is_a: ECO:0000000 ! evidence
intersection_of: ECO:0000000 ! evidence
intersection_of: BFO:0000051 [[:Category:ECO:0000000 {minCardinality="2"} ! has part evidence|ECO:0000000 {minCardinality="2"} ! has part evidence]]
comment: A key aspect of this type of evidence is that two or more pieces of information are combined to generate an emergent type of evidence not possible with the constituent pieces of evidence alone. A combinatorial analysis typically involves incorporation of different types of evidence.


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