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Dempsey, WB and Arcement, LJ (1971) Identification of the forms of vitamin B 6 present in the culture media of "vitamin B 6 control" mutants.J. Bacteriol. 107:580-2


An Escherichia coli mutant resistant to isoniazid (WG497) contained 0.6 mumole of extracellular pyridoxamine and pyridoxamine phosphate in the early stationary phase. A suppressed lysine mutant (AT1024) contained 1.4 mumoles of pyridoxal phosphate under the same conditions. The internal concentration of vitamin B(6) was one-half of normal for AT1024 and increased fivefold for WG497.




Biological Assay; Cell Membrane Permeability; Cell-Free System; Culture Media; Drug Resistance, Microbial; Escherichia coli; Genetics, Microbial; Isoniazid; Mutation; Picolines; Pyridoxal Phosphate; Pyridoxine; Toluene; Yeasts

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Phenotype Annotations

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Phenotype of Taxon Information Genotype Information (if known) Condition Information OMP ID OMP Term Name ECO ID ECO Term Name Notes Status

a mutation or genetic difference within a strain

  • Taxon: Escherichia coli
  • Strain: K-12
  • Substrain: WG497
  • NCBI Taxon ID: 83333
  • Genotype of Reference Strain: pdx
  • Genotype of Experimental Strain : pdx
  • Reference Condition:

increased resistance to antimicrobial compound


in vitro culture assay data

Resistant to Isoniazid



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