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id: ECO:0000501

name: evidence used in automatic assertion
def: "A type of evidence that is used in an automatic assertion." [ECO:cjm]
subset: valid_with_gene
subset: valid_with_protein
subset: valid_with_protein_complex
synonym: "IEA" EXACT [GOECO:IEA]
synonym: "inferred from electronic annotation" EXACT [GOECO:IEA]
xref: GO_REF:0000003 "Gene Ontology annotation based on Enzyme Commission mapping."
xref: GO_REF:0000004 "Gene Ontology annotation based on Swiss-Prot keyword mapping."
xref: GO_REF:0000023 "Gene Ontology annotation based on Swiss-Prot Subcellular Location vocabulary mapping."
xref: [ GOECO:IEA "inferred from electronic annotation"]
is_a: ECO:0000000 ! evidence
relationship: used_in: ECO:0000203 ! automatic assertion
intersection_of: ECO:0000000 ! evidence
intersection_of: used_in ECO:0000203 ! automatic assertion


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